Vince Comments on UFC, CM Punk at Hot Topic, HHH on TV Tonight, Riggs Heat

– WWE Champion CM Punk will be appearing at Hot Topic on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California on August 12th at 5pm. There is a limit of one autograph and wristband per person. Purchase must be made at a participating Hot Topic store.



– As a reminder, Triple H will be on NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” tonight.

– Regarding earlier reports on Tough Enough competitor Jeremiah Riggs having heat while at WWE developmental, FCW star Seth Rollins wrote the following on Twitter: “Dude was about 10 words from an ass kicking when he was here.”

– Vince McMahon said during the investors call yesterday that his recent meeting with UFC President Dana White was more social than anything else, but they did talk some business. Vince was asked if WWE and UFC would hook-up to start a network together and he said no, because WWE is entertainment and UFC is sports.

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