Vince McMahon Accused Of Rape By Big Name

Vince McMahon has been entailed in a controversial matter. The Wall Street Journal recently unveiled that WWE is investigating a secret $3 million settlement paid to a former employee of Mr. McMahon. The probe has also scooped several claims of misconduct from former employees toward The Chairman and top executive John Laurinaitis. It is not known which member leaked the story. There are twelve people on the board. Now, a video clip has surfaced on the internet which shows Vince McMahon alleged of sexual assault.



Vince McMahon allegedly sexually assaulted former WWE referee

In 1992, former WWE referee Rita Chatterton publicly accused WWE/WWF owner Vince McMahon of sexual assault in the summer of 1986. During an appearance on The Geraldo Rivera Show, Chatterton described what allegedly happened:

“Vince continued to, you know, ‘If you want a half-a-million-dollar contract, you’re going to have to satisfy me, and this is the way things have to go. Vince grabbed my hand, kept trying to put my hand on him. I was scared. At the end, my wrist was all purple, black, and blue. Things just didn’t … He just … God, he just didn’t stop. This man just didn’t stop.”

“I was forced into oral sex with Vince McMahon. When I couldn’t complete his desires, he got really angry, started ripping off my jeans, pulled me on top of him, and told me again that, if I wanted a half-a-million-dollar-a-year contract, that I had to satisfy him. He could make me or break me, and if I didn’t satisfy him, I was black-balled, that was it, I was done.”

Vince has also stepped down from his positions of CEO and Chairman. WWE recently confirmed in a press release that Vince McMahon stepped down from the positions of Chairman and CEO. It was recently announced that the former WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon would taking up the duties as the interim WWE CEO And Chairwoman. Recently, in quite an interesting development from the Sports Business Journal, McMahon reached a settlement with former XFL commissioner Oliver Luck.

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