Vince McMahon and Triple H were reportedly absent from TLC

TLC PPV has become a topic of discussion among wrestling fans in the past 24 hours for many reasons and the newest one of them is the absence of key figures from the show.



According to reports from Wrestling Observer, both the chairman Vince McMahon and vice president Triple H were not backstage for the show this past Sunday night.

In their absence, the executive directors of Raw and SmackDown in Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard were in charge for the matches of their respective brands.

Though both McMahon and Triple H still took part in the production meeting for the PPV and the show was put together the way Mr McMahon wanted.

No word yet on why both the stars missed the event but Triple H’s schedule has gotten busy lately after NXT’s debut on USA Network, while Vince McMahon has been dividing his time between WWE and XFL in preparation for the launch of the league.

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