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Vince McMahon apparently behind WWE superstar’s recent push

Vince McMahon AEW

Vince McMahon is the owner of WWE and has the last say in anything that goes on in the company.

While Chad Gable was unsuccessful in winning the King Of The Ring Tournament, the following night Gable was given a chance to shine as he tackled Corbin through his throne and destroyed the entire set including Corbin’s crown and cape.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that it was Vince McMahon who was behind Chad Gable’s push. While Gable’s role is that of a mid-card superstar, Vince appreciates what Gable does.

Even though Gable is doing this gimmick that screams undercard babyface, we’re told Vince really likes and appreciates him and considers this a push

Chad Gable is a very talented performer and we hope his push eventually leads to him getting a solid singles run in good time.

  • CC

    Like most of these stories, I take it with a very large pinch of salt.
    Just recently we were told that Heyman is going to give Cedric Alexander a slow push, and that it would likely mean he does not win the US title at Clash of champions due to this.
    The day after Clash we are told that the reason Cedric lost is because Vince does not like him.

    All these stories are pointless as there is no evidence to back them up, and going on that Cedric situation, we are getting two entirely different stories from so called sources, which shows you how much legitimacy most of the stories have.

  • CC

    I think it is an old Indian instrument .. or is that a sitar? ha ha

  • Soulshroude

    “SuperSatar”, huh?