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Vince McMahon apparently being convinced to not push Baron Corbin

  • Luke

    …no, x-pac heat is anotehr term for go-away heat. Look it up.

    You’re forgetting the GOOD kind of heat where people want to watch the heel get beat, which means they still want him on tv so they can witness that.

  • Luke

    …I know a lot of women who are wrestling fans and not one of them thinks Baron Corbin is hot.

    I was at a WWE Live event recently and women were practically rushing the ring for Roman Reigns. Nobody gave a hoot about Corbin. He looks like a grasshopper dressed as a bartender.

  • Outlaw

    Fair enough

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead


  • Dirt McGirt

    This guy went from being called up, to being US champ for like a month, to being in every single top storyline for a year. Too much, too soon. His look is ridiculous and his music doesn’t match his gimmick at all. He is/was supposed to be the lone wolf and he dresses like a waiter. How does that make any sense? He needs to be released and go rehab himself, come up with something new, and then maybe we can buy him as a main eventer. The way it is now, I want to see him go back to NXT to be repackaged and then in 6-8 months go for a mid-card title and carry in be in that mix for a year or so before moving up the card.

  • Erron Black

    Why are we still listening to Brad Shepard? He’s notoriously, hilariously inaccurate.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    People did actually like xpac, its just his X Factor thing was a flop. Plus wwe we’r pushing Waltman in that way they are with Corbin to the point where we are sick of him entirely

  • Outlaw

    Pretty sure those are both X-Pac Heat. People didn’t like him.

  • CC

    I do not know anyone who rates this guy. He is boring as hell and has zero charisma.
    People love to hate a heel, and that is when they are doing their job well, but people are just sick to the back teeth of this guy. It isn’t so much that they hate him, they are just bored with him and his constant failed pushes.

  • Omar

    “female fans love Baron Corbin” Really?!

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Good, the guys a total dumpster fire. There’s two types of heat in wrestling: “x pac heat” and “go away” heat and this guy is the latter, nobody wants this.

  • Jessie L Williams II

    he was a badass til Cena got him. He’s been a joke ever since. The Cena match and the follow-up booking made this problem. He had potential but was morphed into a guy that’s just unlikable.