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Vince McMahon apparently had issues with Dio Maddin’s work on commentary

Dio Maddin was attacked by Brock Lesnar last month and he has been absent from television since then. He was not able to work long on commentary and now he has been sent back to the WWE Performance Center. Samoa Joe has replaced him for now.

On Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez said that both Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn had issues with Maddin’s work. They apparently were not fans of his work and so he might need to be trained again at the Performance Center.

Bryan Alvarez expects Dio Maddin to possibly get angry and deny it, but he says the course of events was that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn were not fans of Dio Maddin commentary. They took him off and may have wanted to re-train him to do commentary, but Bryan guesses that Dio decided he preferred to be a wrestler. Bryan also expects the official story to be that Dio simply decided that he wanted to wrestle instead of commentating.

We will get to know in due time whether Maddin returns to RAW commentary or focus on being an NXT superstar.

  • CC

    It was the same deal with Renee Young when she was on RAW.
    Cole and Graves took all the limelight and talked so much, all she ended up with was horrible sound bites. We have seen from her time on Talking smack and now Back stage that she is a naturally charasmatic presenter, but on commentary she was so badly buried by the other two, and having Vinnie talking in her ear all the time probably did not help.
    I would guess Dio suffered from the same thing. At least in Joes case he has a natural dominance from all his years of experience of delivering promos. No way is he gonna let the other two dominate him on the mic.

  • CC

    Pretty typical commentary from Alvarez and his butt buddy Meltzer. They do love to state the obvious.
    Only person more Captain Obvious than them is Brad Shephard.

  • Keith Learmonth

    “Bryan Alvarez expects Dio Maddin to possibly get angry and deny it”

    That’s absolutely terrible reporting, Alvarez. That’s like going, “Rumour has it that Trump is Transgender, but if you accuse him of it, he’ll get angry and deny it”, so that when he denies it, you can go “See? I told you so!” and get some false validation of a claim that almost definitely has no real validity.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Not to mention how tough it must be as the third wheel on any commentary team. How much do you really get to speak inside of a few weeks?

  • CC

    Lesnar is 6’2, and you can see from that picture that Dio looks a good 3 or 4 inches taller, so I would say 6’6 is about right.

  • CC

    Jesus, how many times do you want to repeat yourself in the same article?
    Three times you said he has been sent back to the performance centre and twice you say he wanted to be a wrestler instead of commentator.
    Someone really should proof read your stuff.

  • Wicka Steve

    If they had a problem with his work, they shouldn’t have put Dio on 205 Live and then Raw three weeks later. On top of that, I bet it had more to do with exposing that King is a sawed off runt of a man. Dio is 6’6 and King is billed at 6’0. There is no way King is any taller than 5’6 if Dio is legit 6’6.