Vince McMahon Argues With Wrestling Journalist

Vince McMahon is the ultimate authority in WWE and his presence alone intimidates most of the people that work for him. There are only a handful of people working in WWE who can stand-up to the Boss and freely speak their mind to him and that circle has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.



Arn Anderson claimed on his “ARN” podcast that “there’s no such thing as having an argument with Vince McMahon”. This was a pretty self-explanatory statement that revealed a lot about McMahon’s demeanor in brief.

(transcription via Inside The Ropes)

“There’s no such thing as having an argument. I found this amusing, there were some rumours when I first was terminated with the company that the reason was, there had been ‘quite a few’ backstage arguments between Vince McMahon and I. There probably would have only been one and I would have been out the door much earlier. That’s not a guy you argue with. It’s a guy you sometimes try to reason with and sometimes you get through. Sometimes you don’t.”

However, Dave Meltzer of F4Wonline, quoted Anderson and disagreed with his statement. Meltzer said that he disagrees with Anderson because he recalls having a “multi-hour” argument with Vince McMahon.


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