Vince McMahon Asks WWE Star About Chest

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon has the final say in anything and everything that goes on in the company, for better or worse. Vince McMahon also sabotaged Jon Moxley’s matches.



Former WWE Superstar Darren Young was a member of The Nexus, one of the most dominant groups in the 2010s. The faction ultimately disbanded due to poor booking choice. Darren Young had a promising start to his career in WWE. However, despite having the potential to succeed, he ultimately did not make it big in the company. He did not have support from the right people.

Darren Young, who is now known as Fred Rosser in NJPW. He started working in WWE in 2005 and had a good relationship with Vince McMahon. Darren Young recently spoke to  Fightful, where he revealed Vince McMahon once asked him about the benefits of yoga because of his physique.

“We talked a lot about yoga. We were face to face sitting down and he asked me, ‘Darren, how do you get such a big barrel chest like that?’ I said, ‘Yoga.’ Yoga has helped with my posture, instead of being scrunched over, it makes you upright.”

Darren Young also believed a Nexu reunion was going to happen, but that was nixed.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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