Vince McMahon Attacks WWE Star For Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss is currently a mainstay on Monday Night RAW as she had been teaming up with Bray Wyatt and were engaged in a feud with Randy Orton. The Fiend remains one of the most unique characters to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. Bray Wyatt’s latest iteration made its in-ring debut back at 2019’s SummerSlam pay-per-view again Finn Balor, where he won in a squash match. Alexa Bliss also debuted a hot Fiend look in an older photo on social media.



Since splitting up with The Fiend back at WrestleMania 37, Alexa Bliss debuted her creepy doll called Lily and since then she has been feuding with Shayna Baszler. She used to feud with Eva Marie and also won her match against Eva Marie at WWE SummerSlam. She was feuding with Charlotte Flair for the RAW Women’s Championship.

After a hiatus, she came back to WWE television and competed in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match and had a solid performance there. Alexa Bliss was then absent once again as she actually got married to Ryan Cabrera earlier this year. Since then she has returned to Monday Night RAW as well. She has been teasing working with Bray Wyatt again on the show as of late.

Little Miss Bliss will be taking a break from WWE television, as revealed by reports.

During the FTR podcast, Dax Harwood took a stroll down memory lane. Apparently, it got out that he had contact with Alexa Bliss, and it was accidental. Although Harwood apologized for brushing up against her, this still got to Vince McMahon, and he wasn’t happy about it.

“I remember we were supposed to come in, and we were supposed to be very animated and happy that I won. So I come in, pretended that I was playing the trumpet or something, and I was in a marching band and I march by Alexa [Bliss] and my shoulder barely brushed her shoulder, barely brushed it, I beg people to go back and watch it. As soon as it was over, we got called into the gorilla position and Vince chewed me out, and he said, ‘Man, don’t touch women.’”

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