Vince McMahon ‘Bad’ AEW Dynamite Rumor Leaks

WWE legend Eric Bischoff recently opened up on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and stated whether he was concerned with the Wednesday Night Wars between WWE and AEW which began in October 2019, and it’s bad news for those in WWE who are concerned about AEW rising as a threat to their company.



It saw AEW Dynamite and NXT go head-to-head every week in terms of the television ratings. It was AEW who came out on top for the majority of the time.

Eric Bischoff opens up on Vince McMahon

Bischoff recently spoke on his podcast 83 Weeks and talked about AEW’s return to hosting live events with crowds in July.

WWE still hasn’t announced officially that they will hold the live events in July but it is slated they will. Bischoff claimed that Vince does not worry about AEW or what they do. AEW Star Drops Brock Lesnar Meeting Bombshell

He said:

“I don’t think Vince cares. I know wrestling fans like to think that there’s this battle between AEW and WWE. I’m not in WWE offices, so I’m going to suggest based on my experience and the relationships that I have with people that are in WWE, the very fact that I made an appearance on AEW a month before they inducted me into the Hall of Fame suggests to me that they really don’t care. Are they aware? Sure. Is Vince McMahon walking around kicking people in the ass saying ‘God dammit, how did they beat us to the punch?’

He added:

“I know people like to think that’s the case because deep down inside they want another wrestling war, but it isn’t. It’s just not no matter how much people want to pretend it is. It’s cosplay folks. WWE is on a different planet than AEW right now. That’s because AEW is about 24 months old or so, WWE has been around for decades and decades and decades. A lot of catching up to do folks, there is no war. There is no angst or anxiety from WWE in my opinion when it comes to AEW.”

AEW finds a ‘new home’

AEW is set to move from TNT to TBS next year, as it was announced on Wednesday.

A third hour has been added on Fridays, which is called “Rampage.” It is set to premier at 10 p.m. on August 13 on TNT. Bobby Lashley WWE Raw Girlfriends Leak

Brett Weitz, general manager of TBS, TNT and truTV, said he doesn’t view AEW vs. WWE as an “us vs. them.” He further said: “More wrestling is better for wrestling fans.”

Weitz also added that TNT will debut four new “supercard” specials annually.

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