Vince McMahon Bank Payment For Return Leaks

Rumors have been circulating, but it now appears that rumors are becoming fact. Vince McMahon wants back on WWE programming, and who could blame him. The man did run and bring up the WWE for over sixty years. He took the business his dad developed and turned it from smoke filled arenas to an international juggernaut. Let’s find out more about what’s going on with the new potential “sale” of WWE.

As per PW Insider, Vince McMahon’s net worth as of today was $2.8 Billion, up $305 million from yesterday. Variety has a VIP article on Vince McMahon misjudging a potential sale of WWE, saying it should have happened over the summer.

As per Ringside News, Vince McMahon sent out a press release stating that he needs to return to the company in order to facilitate the sale of WWE. A few hours later, WWE confirmed via a press release that Vince McMahon is back on the board of directors. Now, WWE’s stock is on the rise as investors prepare for a sale.

Since the news of his return broke, several WWE Superstars have shown concern regarding the company’s future direction. And they should. Remember what happened to WCW? WWE addressed these concerns by sending out a letter to employees saying that Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan will remain as co-CEOs and Triple H will remain as Chief Content Officer.

Despite concerns from several people. WWE’s stock price rallied and closed the day with massive gains of 16.98 percent from yesterdays close. The news of Vince’s return and a possible sale of the company could be what has caused the price to skyrocket. 



The sad part about all this is that perhaps WME (William Morris Endeavor) a talent agency based out of Beverly Hills CA, may become new owners of WWE. Did you know that WME was formed under dubious circumstances. It was a hostile takeover merger between two “talent agencies” William Morris and Endeavor, both of whom have been involved in countless dastardly lawsuits. 

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