Vince McMahon Banned Several Stars From WWE Raw

Vince McMahon is no longer in control of the WWE creative team. The change happened when WWE was taken over by Endeavour. Triple H controls the division now, and his decisions are the final word in the entire situation. While Hunter is controlling things, Vince did try to have his last run with the creative in his own manner.



The details shared by Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful confirm that there were some superstars whom Vince wanted to block. Vince didn’t want those superstars to appear at all. Thankfully things didn’t turn out as Vince wanted as everything had to run through Triple H.

The changes seemed overnight. Even though Vince McMahon didn’t interact directly with creative this year, which means, a guy like Ryan Ward or Rob Fee or names you might know on the creative team didn’t have interactions with Vince McMahon to the best of our knowledge.

A lot of those changes may have looked minimal to the creative team, I’m told, but to others it wasn’t so minimal, because there were certain talent who weren’t being used because Vince McMahon didn’t want to use, so they couldn’t use them, therefore a lot of their creative couldn’t be changed.

When McMahon learned of creative plans, he would make remote adjustments along the way, and he would indicate wrestlers he did or didn’t want on the show.

According to Ringside News, Kingston vs Ivar Viking Rules match is the format that the company would try to entertain going forward. This means that Vince will have no saying in the creative process. Vince McMahon has been pivotal in the WWE’s creative process over the years. It is quite shocking to see his presence being removed from the creative standpoint.

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