Vince McMahon Bold Reaction To Jon Moxley Insult Leaks

If you were lucky enough to catch the latest episode of WWE Smackdown, you were really in for a treat as John Cena was at the show for television time and he met toe to toe with Roman Reigns. While both were in the ring, John Cena did what he does best and created a great promo. While this is all well and good, it looks like he may have possibly crossed the proverbial line for WWE and Vince McMahon when John Cena alluded to not only Jon Moxley, but also CM Punk….Sasha Banks ‘Removal’ From Show Stuns Fans.



John Cena was featured on Smackdown going after Roman Reigns with a war of words. For some time now, John Cena has been given some freedom on his promos. John took this in stride as he told Roman Reigns that he (Roman) ran Jon Moxley out of the company and that once John Cena wins the title, he will take the title jump the barricade, and maybe even blow Roman a kiss (shades of CM Punk at the Money In The Bank where he blew Vince a kiss after winning the belt).

There is now word that Vince McMahon was paying very close attention to this and stated that he actually “loved” how far both stars went with the promo against each other. While Vince never picked out the exact statements about Jon Moxley and CM Punk.

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