Vince McMahon ‘Buried’ Retribution Member

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon takes all the call in the company and sometimes when the talents claim something of their ability, Vince does not approves it until he sees it.



Mustafa Ali, the leader of RETRIBUTION recently had an interview with TV Insider, where he discussed his experience with WWE management and creative team.

He spoke about how his ability of cutting promos was not believed at first when Vince heard about it. Vince McMahon is furious with wrestlers ‘unmasking’

But later on, he was given the opportunity and the RETRIBUTION leader has grabbed the opportunity well. Peyton Royce ‘Rejected’ a WWE Affair Storyline

He said:

“I can only speak of my experience with [WWE Chairman] Vince McMahon and the creative team, but not really. You can always tell them what you’re capable of doing, or you can show them. The first time I told Vince McMahon I’m a talker, he didn’t believe I was. So I recorded my own promos. I record my own videos. It’s a lot easier to show them what you’re capable of doing than telling them. I’ve got a pretty good range in terms of saying the things I do.”

Ali has been active on the mic recently, cutting great promos on Monday Night Raw.

Mustafa Ali reveals Raw Talk is ‘fun’

Mustafa Ali also appears on WWE RAW Talk to showcase his promo skills and add. In the same interview, Ali discussed how the talk show has benefitted him. A huge Drew McIntyre match was canceled for RAW.

He said:

“Definitely. It’s the most fun because that is one-hundred percent me. It’s just off-the-top of my head. The last show I didn’t know I was a guest until minutes before and it was probably one of my better appearances. Sami Zayn told me a true artist is able to work within parameters. It’s not hard to have amazing matches when you have 25 minutes. Now, try to have a super-competitive match in six minutes and 60 seconds to get your point across in a promo. That’s true artistry.”

It is to be seen in the upcoming times, how the RETRIBUTION leader improves more and if he becomes a talker of great calibre.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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