Vince McMahon ‘Called Out’ AEW Star Botch

WWE had started scripted promos for their talents and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon had once helped former WWE star and current AEW star, Christian Cage when he fogotten his promo lines and suffered an embarrassing moment on camera.



Here is how Vince McMahon helped Christian Cage

Cage recently had an interview with Bleacher Report and he recalled forgetting his lines for his promo in front of live crown. He went blank for some reason and could not manage to remember the lines.

WWE Hall of Famers, Edge and Mick Foley were also part of the segment. He even remember starting to panic and saw the disappointment on faces of the fans. Edge ‘Apologizes’ To Fired WWE Raw Star

Cage then revealed that it was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon who thought the moment was great because Cage was a heel at the time. He said:

“The next day, I walk in and I saw Vince. He said ‘Great stuff last night.’ I said ‘ Really? I forgot everything.’ He said ‘You’re a heel, right?. When you’re a heel, you can get away with anything. If that ever happens again, step back, take a breath and look at your partner. Ask him what you were talking about and go back to it. Act like these people don’t get to hear you talk until you’re ready.’

He added:

“It was a big lesson. From that point on, I stopped trying to memorize things. You have to go out there with your own voice and some bullet points of what you want to talk about.”

Christian Cage recently made his surprising debut in AEW and made a bright start with the win on Dynamite as he defeated his old rival Frankie Kazarian. He has also faced Powerhouse Hobbs.

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