Vince McMahon Changes Raw With Brock Lesnar

Vince McMahon was in gorilla for WWE Raw and new scripts were sent to the crew twice during the show, and Brock Lesnar wasn’t in the script.



“Vince McMahon was backstage, there were changes made, there is gonna be a report on tomorrow about some of the issues talent had with the way things are going tonight.”

Vince McMahon had grabbed the headlines after he got involved in a controversy regarding hush money. It was alleged that Vince paid at least 4 women over 16 years to cover up sexual misconduct. It had led to his retirement. Vince recently admitted to his mistakes.

Vince McMahon opens up on the matter

CNBC’s Squawk in the Box recently spoke with Vince McMahon for a rare interview. During that time on the show, McMahon was asked about the hush money scandal that took him out of WWE in the first place.

Vince McMahon admitted to making mistakes, both professionally and personally, but he has owned up to them all. He’s not sure what kind of legacy he will have, but it’s clear that Mr. McMahon isn’t too worried about things now.

“I’ve made mistakes, obviously, personally and professionally through my 50-year career. I’ve owned up to every single one of them and then moved on. I’m not sure of the legacy stuff. I’m not going to write it. I don’t know. I want to say, as someone who had an extraordinary amount of fun, great passion for what they did and wound up with the biggest deal he’s ever done in his life.”

WWE has been sold to UFC’s parent company, Endeavor. In a statement, Endeavor announced a “definitive agreement” that will see WWE come under the company’s ownership in an estimated $9.3 billion deal.

The deal will see Endeavor from a new publicly listed company, consisting of both WWE and UFC. Endeavor will hold a 51% controlling interest in the new company and existing WWE shareholders will hold a 49% interest in the new company.

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