Vince McMahon ‘Changes’ WrestleMania Main Event

Vince McMahon reportedly changed the WrestleMania main event to Roman Reigns vs. Edge from Drew McIntyre vs. Edge after it was pushed by others based on fan response to go with that match. Triple H has a surprising WrestleMania match idea.



Billi Bhatti was recently on ‘The Dirty Sheets’ podcast and discussed a big change that was made. Let’s take a listen.

Billi: “This is what it was all planned out to be…Drew vs Sheamus at Fastlane snuck in at ‘Mania and then Drew vs Edge and then Edge vs Christian vs Miz and Morrison because Edge stopped his (Miz’) cash in and Miz and Morrison were like, mad at him, or whatever.”

Bhatti continues: “So, this got changed because it got back to Vince, obviously, that people were asked ‘Who would you like Edge to face at ‘Mania?’ thinking it would be like 10% Finn Balor, like you know, Roman or Drew, someone would win, but not significantly.”

Cav: “Yeah.”

Bhatti: “Like, maybe it would be 45/35 something like that which they would just ignore…but it was 71% for Roman.

Cav: “Huh!”

Bhatti closes: 71%

It’s astounding that Roman Reigns has this much backing for a match against Edge, as McIntyre vs. Edge would be exciting. Edge has an ‘uncertain’ WWE future after WrestleMania.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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