Vince McMahon Demands WWE Divas ‘Restart’ Match

Vince McMahon demanded Shayna Baszler and Natayla refilm a Raw match last year, according to a new ‘Oral Sessions’ podcast interview. Vince also didn’t want Shayna to actually ‘wrestle’ her style in the ring. Vince recently reacted to two WWE stars wanting to leave.



“When I started wrestling on Raw he gave me a talk that was like, ‘Look you have something different to offer, you have a unique look. The thing you have to start learning now that you’re on Raw is that your work rate is shown on pay-per-view and at NXT so don’t get so hell-bent on weekly raw TV because that’s where we build the story for the work rate that you can do on a pay-per-view.’ So he’s like, ‘You have this thing. I don’t want you to do any pro wrestling, got it?’”

Vince liked Shayna’s early sqash matches but had a match with Natayla refilmed, surprising Shayna. After the match was refilmed she promised Vince she’d make him money. Vince ‘burying’ Keith Lee was also recently detailed.

“So I go and I sit outside Vince’s office for a long time […] I don’t even know what I wanted out of it. I think it was just to get it off of my chest but I was like, ‘Listen I know I have something that no one else has.

I know I can bring a certain legitimacy to this that no other female has. I don’t know how to figure it out week-to-week yet, just give me a chance. You’ll never have to worry about me being in shape. If you want me to go out there and wrestle the same match a hundred times, I’ll do it. I’ll figure it out, just give me time. I’m just letting you know I’m aware I don’t have it. Just give me time, I’ll make you money.’”

Vince told her months later she was “getting it” as she got more comfortable facing stars like Bayley and Sasha Banks. Fightful transcribed these comments.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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