Vince McMahon ‘Disrespected’ On Plane In Photo

During a recent edition of Talk is Jericho podcast, he revealed that he once took a picture of his former boss, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon during a WWE trip overseas.



He revealed that hen he showed the image to McMahon, the response was pretty serious and the boss surely did not take it lightly.

Jericho said:

“He hates it when people see him sleeping. I took a picture of him sleeping on one of those trips and I showed him, and I said, ‘You actually do sleep.’ He didn’t laugh, he didn’t smile. He said, ‘Delete that now.’ I was like, ‘Okay, crazy man.’ He didn’t find it funny.”

Paul Wight(f.k.a The Big Show) who had joined him for an interview laughed and recalled remembers when Jericho took the picture of McMahon sleeping. Here’s why Vince McMahon offered WWE PPV ‘Refund’ to fans

He also mentioned that he had “that same insanity”. He noted that is the reason he has able to become WWE’s top decision-maker and also Vbecome such a successful businessman.

During the podcast, Paul Wight also opened up on Vince stating that he had called him to wish him well for his future after he signed a deal with rival company AEW in the last month. Vince Mcmahon recently bullied a AEW wrestler in a hotel.

The former WWE World Champion also revealed that something had changed in his relationship with McMahon over the last year. Though it did not turn bitter but he said that Vince used to call Wight by his former WWE name, Show, but began addressing him as Paul last year.

He had said that they are good terms and it was mutual decision regarding penning a deal with AEW.

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