Vince McMahon Doctor Finally Speaks Out

If only it was Dr. Hiney! Former WWE Doctor Frank Romascavage recently discussed how Vince McMahon views the well being and overall health of his superstars in a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. Romascavage would discuss the toll that the WWE superstars put on their bodies and state that Vince McMahon views this solely as a business. Dr. Romascavage was a doctor in WWE and for Vince McMahon from 1993 to 2006. Credit to the outlet for the below quotes. Vince McMahon’s bold message to this top female WWE star just leaked.



“I know Vince, his wife, his daughter and his son. It’s all about business. It’s a business proposition all the way down the line. Vince expects the best. Guys make a lot of money. They have good careers. They make a lot of money, and that’s more power to them, but they’re talented people. Nobody really appreciates the stamina that these folks have.”

“They’re on the road 300 to 350 days out of the year, and they’re never around their families. It’s just unbelievable. They have to be able to talk. They have to be able to do the walk. They have to look physically great. They have to look just right for the cameras, and they have to do their whole role as designed. That’s how it has to be. I always tell people, these guys have to have a mega amount of talent to be a member of WWE, but Vince, he’s a business guy. I’ve never seen him ever demean anybody, or hurt anybody or say anything nasty.”

Roman Reign’s bold message to Vince McMahon was also leaked recently. Continuing the doctor stated: “He just expects a certain thing, but the guys and the girls all know that it’s part of the life. It’s how it is just like when you play for the NFL. You’re you’re going out there. You’re beating yourself up, and there’s consequences at the end of your career. Most people say, ‘I know that,’ and wrestling is no different. They take a beating. People can make all the derogatory comments about if it’s choreographed, planned or whatever, but man, when you hit a chair, or you fall off that ladder, guess what happens?”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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