Vince McMahon Fired WWE Star Two Days After Hiring

Corey Graves, known to WWE fans for his commentary work, had initially ventured into the world of professional wrestling as a competitor. His journey began in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), WWE’s developmental territory, and later continued in NXT. However, Graves’ in-ring career was tragically cut short due to concussions, forcing him to retire from active competition. Fortunately, he found a new role within the company as a commentator, where he has excelled and become a staple of WWE broadcasts.



What some fans may not be aware of is that Corey Graves has a brother, Sam Adonis, who is also associated with professional wrestling. Sam Adonis is a contemporary of some of the wrestling world’s biggest stars today, including his own brother Corey Graves.

Sam Adonis took to social media to share a piece of his own wrestling journey and to highlight the interesting connection between himself and Corey Graves. He noted that they both signed developmental deals with WWE in 2011. However, the timing of their hirings and releases was quite peculiar. Sam Adonis revealed that his brother Corey Graves was hired just two days before he himself was released from WWE. This twist of fate meant that the wrestling world never had the opportunity to witness “The Fabulous Graves Brothers” in action as a tag team, as it seemed that the idea of having them together as a sibling duo was off the table from the outset.

The 2011 FCW Roster mentioned in Sam Adonis’ post included several notable names who have since become prominent figures in WWE and the wrestling industry as a whole. Among the talents listed were Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, Big E, Tyler Breeze, Roman Reigns, Jon Moxley (now known as AEW’s Jon Moxley), Juice Robinson, EC3, and of course, Corey Graves. This roster represented a remarkable class of talent, and each individual on that list has gone on to carve out their own successful careers in the world of professional wrestling.

While the “Fabulous Graves Brothers” tag team may have remained an unfulfilled concept, the wrestling world was undeniably enriched by the contributions of both Corey Graves and Sam Adonis, each in their own unique way, as they continued their respective journeys in the industry.

Myself and my brother were both signed to developmental deals in 2011.

He was hired 2 days before I got released!

The world never got to see “The Fabulous Graves Brothers” in action!

What could have been…

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