Vince McMahon fires WWE creative member during Hall of Fame ceremony

PWInsider reports that WWE creative team member Robert Evans was fired over the weekend. Mike Johnson said he was let go at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony after a speech he had produced featured a mention of Vince McMahon.



Evans took the heat for McMahon’s name being mentioned as the writer/producer of that segment and he was reportedly fired that evening.

While not confirmed, it is believed the mentioned happened during the Bret Hart speech. It is also possible that the Degeneration-X spoof later on, where Vince was mentioned multiple times, was a reference to what had happened earlier.

Evans indicated he quit WWE and posted the following on Twitter:

On his Podcast, Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman also commented on Evans’ departure noting how upset Vince McMahon was:

“Vince got really hot,” he explained. “I think somebody might have gotten fired. Then we went out and said it a million times and no one got fired. It’s not funny for the guy that f*cking lost his job.”

X-Pac added, “I’m not kidding. No, I’m not. Vince was pissed. I understand. That’s a thing for him. It’s his company and people go out there and they do that.”

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