Vince McMahon Forces Two Top Names To Leave WWE

We all anticipated that it might happen – and it has. Vinny Mac is back and he is at it again. The moment Vince McMahon, former WWE chairman struts his stuff back onto the public stage he is causing havoc. Not Halloween Havoc, but havoc none-the-less. Vince McMahon is back and he has forced two top names to leave the company.

As per Ringside News, Vince McMahon has ruthlessly maneuvered his way back to WWE and that didn’t sit well with fans and talent alike. The billionaire madman reinstated himself and close aides to the Board of Directors in a huge power move. Somewhat hostile if you ask me, and even if you don’t.



McMahon’s return to the Stamford-based promotion prompted two WWE board members to part ways with the company. One of them, Man Jit Singh, was the leading investigator on the Vince McMahon investigation internally.

WWE recently confirmed in their new 8-K filing that both Singh and Ignace Lahoud stepped down from their positions on the board because they disagreed with the billionaire’s return to the company.

“While Messrs. Lahoud and Singh agreed with the Board’s decision to explore the Company’s strategic alternatives, they did not agree with Mr. McMahon’s return at this time.”

Stephanie McMahon resigned from her position as co-CEO in the wake of Vince McMahon’s take over as chairman of the company. The boss expressed support for his daughter’s decision. But where is Linda McMahon in all of this. 

Vince McMahon is facing lawsuit after his WWE return as well. According to the proposed class action, McMahon timed his return to seize control of upcoming negotiations over WWE’s expiring media rights, the “lifeblood” of the business.

More news is upcoming. 

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