Vince McMahon ‘Furious’ At Top AEW Star?

Vince McMahon is furious. I know that may not sound out of the ordinary, but can you really blame someone for being angry over someone taking what you’ve done and twisting it into their own idea? Think what you will about the boss that is Mr. McMahon but he may have some reasons as to why his blood is boiling. AJ Styles ‘Ripped Off’ On AEW Dynamite.



Recently, the ever on point Dave Meltzer pulled the curtain back and gave us a look inside of Vince’s head as we saw the AEW Blood and Guts episode air, featuring Chris Jericho, who Vince may be angry with.

Dave posted on’s forums: “I think the cult is in the people still wanting to deny it because it doesn’t fit the narrative they want. Even if it wasn’t confirmed, which it was, think about this….”

Dave finishes: “Vince McMahon made a statement more than a year ago in public to his stockholders. The opposition took his own words, created a gimmick match, and did very well with it. You really think Vince isn’t furious, especially when said such match involved blood, which he’s campaigned against for more than 25 years (except during that few year period when he did it, but it’s not barbaric when he does it, only when he stops doing it).”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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