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Vince McMahon furious over ‘This is boring’ chants during Rollins-Ambrose match at TLC


While a lot of people were excited for Dean Ambrose to finally turn heel a few weeks ago, things haven’t exactly worked out since then, and many believe that Ambrose’s feud with Seth has been pretty boring.

Their encounter at the TLC PPV was nothing different either. Fans in the arena broke out a ‘this is boring’ chant during their bout and reports reveal that Vince McMahon wasn’t very happy about it.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon was furious on how the bout played out and it’s not a good thing for both the involving stars:

“The interest level in the crowd was not with these guys, there is a lot of reasons that match didn’t work, Vince [McMahon] was furious at it too. Not a good thing for Seth because Seth’s being groomed for big stuff. It’s not a good thing for Dean because Dean is supposed to be a top heel.”

As noted before, WWE is considering Rollins to challenge the Beast Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, however, after this bout, there is word going around that the company might reconsider their decision.

  • Rinn13

    I mean, they’ve ONLY been beating this “Shield” trio they decided to
    push, to death for the past, what? 5-6 years? Why is anyone supposed to
    care about them getting back together, and breaking up, and feuding,
    over and over again, for years?

  • Whistling Joe

    I think the problem is the same that it was with AJ vs Nakemura at Mania: WWE knew they were going to run the match a million more times so the guys in the ring couldn’t do everything they wanted because they had to save spots for future matches. Another problem was they ran their three biggest matches on the card back to back to back. Doing that was very old school and might have worked twentyfive years ago, but the crowd gets burned out these days. This match should have either gone on second, since it wasn’t a gimmick match or after the Corbin match.

  • CC

    Yup. You have a match which should have had the most personal rivalry in it, which should generally lead to much more brutal action, on a PPV designed for more brutal matches and they just put them in a standard match. While chairs matches are generally naff, this match deserved a stipulation like that more than Orton vs Mysterio for instance.
    The build to it has been poor and then the “pay off” was not exactly exciting. Hell, it had a title on the line, so why not a ladder match?

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    i’m 100% with you man, never expect the heel turn to play out like this…..

  • BB

    Yeah, I agree, man. What I also don’t understand is, is if these two are supposed to be having this huge feud against each other and they hate each other, why not make it a No DQ match? Or just a match with some sort of stipulation at the very least? These guys are supposed to hate each other. They should have had a huge brawl in the likes of a Tommasso and Gargano match. Instead it was just a regular one on one match. There should have been mega energy in that match and there just wasn’t unfortunately.

  • CC

    Could they have put on a better match? Yes, but I do not think its their fault at all. The simple fact is, what started as a great angle degenerated into a stupid “Dean hates germs and people smell” gimmick. What should have happened is Dean should have just been an almost silent, vicious lunatic and not some kid friendly comic book character. On top of that, a feud which should have been incredibly personal should have been given a much more brutal stipulation at the PPV. Instead of a plain vanilla match, it should have been a TLC match or at least a tables match.

    With what matches were surrounding it, it looked like a wet fart in comparison.