Vince McMahon Gave Big Check To Fired WWE Star

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett recently opened up on the rumors regarding his pay and issue with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon that made him part ways with WWE.



Jeff Jarrett recalls his conversation with Vince McMahon before his match

The WWE Hall of Famer’s contract expired a day before he squared off against Chyna at No Mercy 1999. Shane McMahon ‘Threatened’ Fired WWE Star?

On the day of the show, the out-of-contract star was offered $150,000 to make up for the pay-per-view pay-offs that WWE owed him.

Recently on his new My World podcast, Jeff Jarrett revealed that he had negotiated a deal with Vince that earned him $300,000 instead of $150,000.

Jarrett also confirmed that he and Vince McMahon resolved the matter in a peaceful manner.

He said:

“I went and got dressed and when I got dressed I came out and Chyna is going over this, whatever, and Vince walks up in his three-piece suit, and I’ll never forget the look,” Jarrett said. “It’s kind of those moments that, look, this wasn’t in his highlight reel, I’m not saying that, but in my personal highlight reel, it absolutely was because he came up, opened up his shirt pocket, got out a while envelope, and said, ‘Thank you, I appreciate it, now freaking…’ He didn’t use that word but he used another word. ‘Go tear the house down.’ I said, ‘Yes, sir, boss, looking forward to it.’ He handed me the check.”

Jarrett had joined WCW following his stint with WWE in 1999. However, when WWE bought the rival company in 2001, he was fired by Vince McMahon on live TV.


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