Vince McMahon Gets Rid Of Popular WWE Group

The Way, a charismatic faction consisting of Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Indi Hartwell, Austin Theory, and Dexter Lumis, etched its mark on the wrestling world during its impressive run in NXT a couple of years ago. Fans were captivated by their unique chemistry, entertaining storylines, and in-ring prowess. For months, rumors and teases had circulated about a potential reunion, and finally, nearly three months ago, the moment that fans had been eagerly awaiting arrived as The Way regrouped on an episode of Monday Night RAW.



The return of this beloved faction sent waves of excitement and nostalgia among the WWE Universe, reminiscing about their electrifying performances during their NXT days. The reunion was met with resounding cheers, with social media platforms buzzing with admiration and delight. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for WWE to capitalize on their popularity and bring them back to regular television appearances.

However, despite the overwhelming fan support and backstage reports suggesting that WWE had significant plans for The Way, things didn’t unfold as fans had hoped. The faction made their triumphant return during that one backstage segment, but their subsequent appearances were scarce and underwhelming. Many fans were left puzzled and disheartened by this sudden halt to what they believed was the resurgence of The Way.

“It effectively got Vince’d, but with Vince’s situation now (the surgery), I wonder if that will finally come to fruition.”

Reports began to surface, shedding light on the behind-the-scenes situation. According to Sean Ross Sapp, a respected insider during a Fightful Select Q&A session, it was revealed that Vince McMahon himself ended up scrapping all the plans for The Way. The reason behind this decision remained unclear, leaving fans and the wrestling community speculating about what could have prompted such a drastic course of action.

However, hope remained on the horizon for The Way’s loyal supporters. News circulated about Vince McMahon undergoing spine surgery, which potentially indicated that the original plans for the faction might be revisited and put back into motion once he recuperated. Fans anxiously awaited further updates, eager to witness the potential realization of their dreams—to see The Way thrive once more, and to experience the electric energy they brought to the WWE stage.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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