Vince McMahon Girlfriend Scorching Photo Leaks

WWE Crown Jewel just happened, and it was the first WWE show in Saudi Arabia without Vince McMahon. Vince was just photographed at a restaurant with his girlfriend, as seen below.



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WWE Crown Jewel turned out to be an exceptional event. The company provided its fans with moments par excellence. WWE has a way of delivering on all parameters, but this time around, it wasn’t just the company that delivered on expectations.

Social Media Star and WWE Superstar Logan Paul delivered an exceptional performance. Everyone, including the WWE superstars, were impressed by his work and his ability to work through with Roman Reigns. This was Logan Paul’s third match in the company, but he delivered in style.

He performed his role to perfection and jumped off the ropes like a professional. WWE superstar Zelina Vega took to Twitter to express her feelings about the performance. Logan Paul informed fans that he may have suffered multiple knee ligament injuries and might have also torn his ACL.

I think that whether you’re a wrestling fan or a veteran in the business, everyone could see that Logan put in the work and is a star. He earned respect. Wishing him a speedy recovery 🙏🏽

Zelina passed on her wishes to the social media star and lauded him on his work between the ropes. Even veteran wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on Wrestling Observer Radio and confirmed that he may have suffered some injuries, but they aren’t as grave as previously expected.

He [Logan Paul] said I think it was the last Instagram thing that he tore his MCL and meniscus, right? I know I got one message where they thought he didn’t tear his ACL, but again, he hasn’t had it looked at. I think at first he thought he did, but I mean, we will probably know more in a day or two. So, it may not be as bad, but it could be. The torn ACL could keep him out for, you know, over six months. The other one, you know, he’d still be out for a while.

It would be interesting to see how much time Logan stays out of action and if there will be any possibility of him returning to the showcase of the immortals. The Royal Rumble season and the road to WrestleMania is nearing sooner than expected.

Would you want to see him make a return soon? Sound off in the comments.

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