Vince McMahon Got WWE Star To Sign With AEW

Fans have been speculating regarding William Regal’s AEW status and a potential return to WWE. Reports recently emerged regarding his future. There has been some speculation that Regal could still stay with AEW, but all signs indicate that he has left AEW and returning to WWE. Regal recently had an stint with WWE under Vince McMahon. Regal served as the on-screen GM for NXT and was active behind the scenes as a scout and coach but the company released him on January 5. It has come to light McMahon had done a kind act towards Regal.



William Regal talks about Vince McMahon

Speaking at ITR Live in October, Regal revealed that Vince McMahon ended his non-compete clause early so he could join AEW.

“Mr. McMahon was very good to me, to the point of, I will say this because whatever he’s going through, he was excellent to me. I had a talent contract, as well as an employee contract and it didn’t run out until the end of April because I played William Regal. I started for AEW on the seventh of March. I didn’t call anybody else, I sent a message straight to the boss, ‘Hey Boss, I’ve got this thing with Bryan,’ and he loves Bryan as well. ‘Absolutely, you go’ and still paid me until the end of my talent contract. I was the only person who ever got paid by both companies at the same time,” said Regal.

Regal will remain with AEW until the end of 2022. He requested AEW not pick up his option at the end of the year so he could rejoin his son Charlie Dempsey in NXT. Regal was written off AEW programming during a recent edition of Dynamite episode when World Heavyweight Champion MJF attacked him with brass knuckles from behind. This was after Regal turned on Jon Moxley by costing him the title by helping MJF win it from him at Full Gear.

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