Vince McMahon ‘Hated’ WrestleMania 40 Performance?

WrestleMania Saturday is in the history books but it seems that a segment that was featured on the show would have never impressed Vince McMahon had he been in charge, and he likely hated it.



It has come to light that at last night’s WWE WrestleMania 40 Saturday event in Philadelphia WWE Chief Content Officer made a significant change to a previous protocol established by Vince McMahon.

It is noted that the event commenced with a live rendition of the American national anthem performed by Coco Jones, a departure from the usual tradition of singing “America The Beautiful” in preceding years.

As per the report of Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the alteration stemmed from Triple H assuming creative leadership and Vince McMahon’s dislike for the national anthem. Meltzer remarked, “Vince hated the national anthem, that’s just Vince he hated it. He liked America The Beautiful and now that Vince is gone I guess it’s changed.”

In addition to Coco Jones’ performance, WrestleMania featured several other celebrity appearances, including Jason Kelce, who surprising assisted WWE Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio and Andrade in their victory over Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar. Furthermore, Lil Wayne accompanied Jey Uso to the ring for his match against Jimmy Uso.

We will have to wait and see what’s in store for the fans at WrestleMania Sunday.


Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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