Vince McMahon ‘Held Down’ Andrade For Sad Reason

Andrade’s run in NXT is nothing to shake a stick at. The man is talented. There’s no doubt at all about that. Andrade was so good that he was put on the main roster and had matches with legends such as Rey Mysterio. Vince had an issue with Andrade, however. That issue being something that was very personal and hard to change for Andrade.



Andrade started his fall from grace once Paul Heyman was fired as the Executive Director for Monday Night RAW. This was the strike of the match that burned down the entire ground he walked on as he was then written off of WWE programing in all forms. Paul Heyman Reacts To Brock Lesnar Rumor.

It should be noted that Andrade recently asked for his release from WWE, but the organization did not let him have this request. I’m guessing for fear of an AEW jump.

Booker T came out and spoke about Andrade recently and had a lot to say. Booker had the following to say about the former star, and why Vince McMahon has never pushed him. This matches up with a report that Vince told Andrade to learn English to get pushed.

“I was reading that Andrade asked for his release. WWE, of course, don’t want to lose a guy like Andrade. I’ve said it before, this guy is next level as far as his talent goes. He is special, he is extraordinary. If he worked on his English as much as he worked on his work in the ring, he’d be a star right now. I think that’s the one thing that holds him back, not saying that’s a negative in a sense. But from trying to make him a mainstream star in America, it’s something that, you know, he needs that. I say that because most boxers that came to America and succeeded to that next level, all of those guys learnt English. Just so they can come out and cut a promo, be able to answer questions, and I don’t know, the one guy, Julio César Chávez, I think he’s the most famous boxer that never thought about speaking English. But when you are 100-0… (laughs).”

Andrade has not made any sort of appearance on WWE since October of last year. Win or lose, Andrade still got Charlotte Flair, so he still won at life, by all intents and purposes. Andrade Leaked Charlotte Photo.

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