Vince McMahon Humiliated At WWE Gym?

It needs to be cleared up with all of the rumors going around that Vince McMahon is not involved with the company in any official capacity beyond his ownership of the majority of the company’s stock. In fact, internal news says that he has not been to WWE Headquarters since his retirement/resignation.



Even deeper than that, he has not been involved in any meetings or any company communication. Also, of course, he has been removed from the internal list of performers and has also been removed from the entirety of the company’s corporate structure.

As odd as it may seem, one ongoing question a lot of those who work for the company have passed around among each other is whether McMahon still has access to the gym in Titan Tower, but no one has heard of him physically going there. However, it would make the most sense for someone with Vince’s wealth to already have a very well-set gym in his own home(s).

Now, In regard to the idea that McMahon is running things behind the scenes. If this were a storyline, then yes, this would make a lot of sense, however, there are holes in it. For one, it would be illegal for a publicly traded company to do such a thing and if that was outed.

As of today, John Laurinaitis is still officially with the company, but internally that is believed to only be a by-product of the internal investigation. Laurinaitis’ email and company cell phone are said to be disconnected, which is what the company did to furloughed employees at the height of the pandemic. The expectation is he will be gone when the Board of Directors investigation is officially completed.

This seems to be the final nail in any theories for Vince McMahon or those close to him.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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