Vince McMahon Humiliated Diva With Racist Storyline

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently admitted that his feud with fellow WWE Hall of Famer Booker T in the summer of 2005 was a significant discomfort. He named Vince McMahon who came up with a bizarre idea.



Kurt Angle opens up on the matter

Angle recently discussed his rivalry against Booker T and Sharmell on “The Kurt Angle Show,” where he recalled the strange storyline and his reluctant involvement in it.

“I have so much respect for Booker T and Sharmell,” Angle explained, “I love them dearly, and to have to do this program was completely brutal for me.”

While the feud lasted for a period of months, the most memorable aspect of it was Angle’s strange obsession with Sharmell, a story that spawned from the bizarre mind of Vince McMahon.

“If I were Booker I would’ve beat my ass.”

Angle poked fun before noting that he and Booker have never even spoken about the program despite spending plenty of time with each other in the years since.

Undoubtedly the most infamous moment from their rivalry was when Kurt, during a backstage interview, clarified his ambitions to have “bestiality sex” with Sharmell, a line so bizarre that Angle’s co-host needed to know who came up with it. “That was Vince,”

Kurt revealed: “When Vince has his mind on something, he sees it through to the end.”

While Angle’s feud with Booker lasted less time than planned due to a botched pinfall in their second bout, it remains a hot topic due to how uneasy it made both the performers and the fans. “It wasn’t just us that were uncomfortable, everyone was uncomfortable!” Kurt recalled, “Everybody was stunned about this angle.”

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