Vince McMahon Idea For Lana Affair Leaks

The former WWE star Aiden English recently talked about the idea pitched by Vince McMahon for Lana’s storyline in WWE.



The former WWE NXT Tag Team Champion joined Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted with Dr. Chris Featherstone. He was asked about the infamous storyline affair with Lana, and the wrestler shared his thoughts about it.

Aiden English opens up on the storyline

English was important in the Rusev Day gimmick and WWE had booked the love triangle featuring English, Rusev and Lana.The former WWE star was involved in an angle titled ‘One Night in Milwaukee,’ which was planned to be the video evidence of his romantic relationship with Lana. AJ Styles Cryptic AEW Photo Leaks

English also revealed he was not uncomfortable with the idea of the storyline affair with Lana. The former WWE star said he did not have problem being Lana’s love interest in the storyline. He said:

“I’m not uncomfortable in the sense of, ‘Oh, you’ve got to do a romantic or even like fake romantic angle with someone, even if you had to kiss someone. I am both, and both especially about me and my wife, we’re both performers, so we get it.

“There is no issue in doing something romantic or even a little bit sexual or whatever if it’s for the part. So, that part wasn’t uncomfortable. The idea of like I had to fake this affair with Lana, that was never an issue.”

Lana was also involved in a love angle with Bobby Lashley and betraying on Rusev. But that was dropped soon and the real life couple were both released from the company.

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