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Vince McMahon is aware he messed up Hell In A Cell’s ending

Vince McMahon was backstage at Hell In A Cell and was definitely aware of the negative backlash the ending of the pay-per-view received.

It is  reported that McMahon is not oblivious to what the fans thought and he took the reaction seriously. He is well aware that people hated the finish and refused to accept it, but “those people have agendas or are trying to protect themselves from their involvement.”

According to a report by Fightful Select, they had heard one story that said Vince McMahon was “initially laughing off the reaction,” but that report was challenged by a “high-level source.”

McMahon was, however, particular about the level of offense involved, but “knew he’d messed up” according to another name around him.

Regardless of how the match ended, Seth Rollins is still the Universal Champion. It is anyone’s guess if The Fiend will ever defeat Rollins for the title.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    That what I said yesterday. By Friday night Smackdown The Fiend will be on Smackdown.

  • Hatim Prince

    No matter what Vince does,youre still gonna be his puppests and he knowa that.

  • wildeye

    I am not going to stick up for the end because it did suck but the only thing I will say is that watching how the Fiend is I think Seth should be champ still. Should have changed it to where Seth was beaten down to the point of not getting up instead of Wyatt. If the Feind gets up to everything given to him then who could beat him in the future for the belt? Rey? They made Wyatt too strong as the Fiend. Take it down a few notches then I would agree that Bray Wyatt deserves to be champ. That ending was the most dumbest thing wwe has done though.

  • CC

    This is what makes no sense with WWE, and it has happened with other talent recently as well.
    If you want to protect both parties in a feud, just do not have them work together until you are ready to have one of them go over the other.
    For me Seth does not need “protecting” and does not need the title right now, and having the guy who beat both Lesnar and Strowman in recent times, lose clean to Wyatt would have made Wyatt look like an even bigger deal. Now both characters instead of being “protected” look like damaged goods, as neither of them came out of this very well.

  • CC

    FOX wants a lot of things, and won’t get them all. While it is looking like RAW is gonna be the b-show from here on in, they cannot strip it of everything as the USA Network will not be happy either.
    I am sure USA wants their own choices as well, and as WWE has just done a deal with them for NXT they are not gonna just stick their middle finger up at USA and say “tought, you don’t get to have the nice shiny toys”

  • MT McGee

    Or if you’re going to have a screw finish, why not have Fiend destroy the ref so he needs medical attention and end the match that way? They have Drake Younger as a ref, so he knows how to bump. Just have him ref the match and have Fiend destroy him.

  • THAT B**** / FKA Can’tGetNo…

    If nothing else, why not reverse the roles and have the referee in fear that The Fiend would go to far in destroying Seth? All that Firefly Funhouse build up advising Seth not to step into the cell with him would at least have been validated even if the ending still wasn’t ideal.

  • Ernest Gouker

    Guess no body remembers the report from a few weeks ago. Fox wants Wyatt on Smackdown. Smack down is now the a show. WWE title is more prestigious than Universal title. No way both heavyweight titles are on same show so this was a way to protect both. Not a fan of the ending but see the logic behind it

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    If they really wanted to protect both Rollins and Wyatt, why not have Strowman come out as Wyatt was looking unbeatable. He could have pummeled Wyatt causing him to lose, setting up the next non-title feud between Strowman and Wyatt.

  • MT McGee

    If he really believes “those people have agendas or are trying to protect themselves from their involvement.” that just proves that vince should have ZERO say in ANY wrestling booking in the year 2019. If he knew he messed up, I don’t give a damn. He might as well have used the finish from the Punk/Ryback match, because he did the same damn thing. The people were really behind a guy and vince did the wrong thing and had the other guy go over. I hope the fans at tonight’s show boo the second the show begins and do not stop until that old man comes out and apologizes for what he did. I hope they shout obscenities and throw trash at the man, because that’s what he deserves.