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Vince McMahon is aware of issues with WWE creative

Vince McMahon has the last word in everything that goes on in WWE and this has resulted in a string of bad decisions and ratings have been declining for a long time.

Jox Moxley in a couple of interviews exposed the inner workings of WWE and the whole world knows what goes on in the company.

After Moxley revealed so much about the creative process in WWE, The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reached out to a number of WWE Superstars. They all agreed with everything that Moxley had said in the interviews.

Besides agreeing with all of Moxley’s statements, it is also said that Vince McMahon is well aware of all the issues that are currently prevalent in the company right now. However, it is unclear whether Vince will do anything to address the issues.

One person who was not close to [Moxley] at all and felt he was a guy who couldn’t be happy said they listened to him on the Jericho podcast and felt he was very honest from this perspective, that the system in place is obviously broken and that’s not a secret nor is there any doubt about it, and that even Vince McMahon realizes that.

We will get to know in due time whether anything change happens to the company.

  • wtf

    it’s time for hunter and shane to take over

  • wtf

    see matt millen

  • CC

    Well they did give in on Becky as well, but yeah, they ignore everything else.
    People don’t want Baron Borbin or Roman Reigns being on both shows every week, they want to see Rusev, Andrade, Ricochet, Nakamura and various others. But instead its the same tired crap we see every week that nobody cares about,

  • Soulshroude

    It’s Harrison. What did you reasonably expect?

  • Sparti Love

    The last straw for me was when Vince, Stephanie and Hunter were in the ring announcing they will start listening to the fans. With the exception of Kofi, they haven’t listened to anything. Raw and SD has gotten worse and by calling up so many NXT wrestlers, that show also suffered (although its still 1000x better than Raw/SD).

  • Dirt McGirt

    Being aware is one thing. Taking action(removing yourself as show runner and from creative) is another.

  • The Random Reader

    Vince McMahon has to accept the blame and lose his ego

  • CC

    The title iof the article is totally wrong. At no point did he say that Vince knows there is an issue with creative, he said that Vince knows that the whole system is broken. That is not creative, that is the whole way the company is run. From creative, to contracts, to bringing people up from NXT to whatever else is bringing the company to its knees.

    The system worked years ago, but since WCW went out of business the system has been tweaked and altered due to their being no risks in Vinnie Macs eyes. He obviously thought he could get away with anything, but without any serious competion the thing he created has crumbled under its own weight.
    Now he has AEW coming along, he has tweaked this system even more through panic and now the whole thing is falling apart as its no longer a viable system in this day and age.

  • Soulshroude

    Vinny IS the issue with WWe creative.