Vince McMahon Is Unrecognizable In Return Video

Vince McMahon debuted his mustache at the WWE Hall of Fame, as seen below.



Chris Benoit, a highly acclaimed pro wrestler, left a significant impact on the industry but his legacy was ultimately tarnished by the tragic way his life ended. Despite his talent in the ring, Benoit’s personal life was riddled with controversy, including an incident where he took fellow wrestler Melina to wrestler’s court for allegedly flirting with him.

During his time in WWE, Benoit interacted with many female wrestlers, including Melina, who made her debut on the main roster in 2005. Although they never had the chance to work together in the ring, rumors began to circulate that Benoit accused Melina of making advances towards him while they were in a hotel gym together.

Former WWE Superstar Paul London, who was present at the trial, spoke about the incident during a recent episode of Cafe de Rene. London noted that Benoit’s behavior during the hearing was unusual, and he described how Benoit claimed that Melina approached him while he was on a treadmill and expressed her comfort around him.

Despite the trivial details of the alleged incident, people close to Melina turned on her during the trial due to the pressure of the entire wrestling roster being present in the room. London expressed his skepticism about the legitimacy of Benoit’s claims, describing it as a “different side of Chris” and labeling the incident as “gross” and “very high school.”

Ultimately, London couldn’t recall anything that came out of the rumor, but he did mention that Joey and Johnny were the only two who spoke up on Melina’s behalf, likely due to their friendship with her. The incident serves as a reminder of the toxic culture that often exists in professional wrestling and highlights the importance of creating a safe and respectful environment for all wrestlers.


“It was a different side of Chris. Like he’s talking about that they were at some hotel gym and he was on a treadmill and she apparently got on a treadmill next to him even though there are all these empty treadmills and how she started like telling him that she felt comfortable around him and lik felt most at peace when she was near him. But the way he was saying it was making it… it wasn’t so much like he was like, ‘she touched my hand.’ I can’t remember what it was but it was just one of those thing where you’re thinking like, ‘this is all bullsht.’ like ‘Who gives a f*k? Who cares?’

All these people were turning on her that she thought were her friends. But because they felt that pressure of the whole roster being in that big ballroom expecting them to say the dirt or say something to put her in a bad light (…) It’s very high school. At least it was. But that is the only thing I remember about that rumor and I don’t know that anything ever came out of that. You know, Joey and Johnny were the only two that were really ‘called to the stand’ to speak up on her behalf. Obviously, because they were all a team but it was just weird. I don’t know, it was kinda gross.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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