Vince McMahon ‘Lies’ To Drew McIntyre At Raw?

If I were to sit here and tell him that Vince McMahon probably wasn’t the greatest person in the world; would you think I’m lying? If you’ve been following WWE for a number of years then you’d most likely agree with me. Vince McMahon may now be setting up superstars for failure. Drew McIntyre ‘Sad’ WWE Backlash Spoiler Leaks.



Word has come out from Billi Bhatti that Vince McMahon has lied to Drew McIntyre. Yes, that’s right. Drew McIntyre who is extremely over right now is getting lied to by the head of WWE. Just how is this happening?

On the podcast, ‘Dirty Sheets’ hosted by Bhatti. Billi hinted at the fact that Vinny Mac may have lied to Drew McIntyre about the creative direction that included WrestleMania and the months to come after.

No offcial word has come out from the McIntyre camp to confirm or deny this, but I don’t expect anything to come out from that end as Drew is under contract and can not speak out about such issues unless he’s ready to jump ship. It’ll most likely be kept quiet.

Billi Bhatti does have a very strong finger on the pulse of WWE, so his words and assumptions should be taken as truthful, in my opinion. Let’s hope this all gets ironed out.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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