Vince McMahon Looks Like Mess With Dyed Hair

It seems that the return of Vince McMahon to WWE television was not much of a surprise to the talent backstage, as they expected him to show up again eventually. While there may have been some buzz online about McMahon’s return, the situation did not cause much of a stir behind the scenes. McMahon had previously stepped away from creative and had been working on selling the company, but he made a surprise appearance on RAW in Boston.



Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that this situation with Vince McMahon caused more of a stir online than it did backstage in WWE. Talent figured that it was only a matter of time before Mr. McMahon showed up again.

It caused more of a stir online than in person, as most of the talent thought it was a matter of time before they’d see him back in general. Specifically, the initial talent that caused the report multiple weeks ago doubled down on their feelings, after Vince McMahon popped up.

The report further noted that, “it was Vince’s physical appearance that turned heads. Vince McMahon arrived with dyed hair and a small mustache, that numerous talent described as resembling that of Gomez Addams from The Addams Family.”

One person said that Vince McMahon’s look surprised everyone more than if he would have shaved his head.

More than even what Vince McMahon was doing or what it meant for the future, his appearance was heavily discussed. One person in WWE who has known Vince for 20 years said that it was “more drastic and a shock than him getting his head shaved.” There have been numerous fake photos on social media circulating of Vince’s new look. Thus far no real ones have emerged.

Sean Sapp logged onto Twitter to shoot down a rumored photo of Vince McMahon that was going around. He confirmed that this new photo is a fake, and McMahon actually had a mustache backstage at WWE RAW this week.

While Vince McMahon did have a mustache backstage at Raw, the picture going around is fake. Here’s the original


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