Vince McMahon Makes Massive Changes To Raw

Vince McMahon, the majority shareholder and former CEO of WWE, has recently made a return to the company after his absence was compared to a hostage situation. The reason for his return was his holding of the company’s pending television rights deals over their head. With his return, a merger with UFC is on the way, and he can now contribute to the company as he sees fit once again.



Despite not being present during RAW or SmackDown this week, Vince McMahon’s involvement in the programming could still be felt. A tenured member of the creative team confirmed that while he was not physically at the television shoot, he “shared his thoughts regarding the shows.” Although it is not known exactly what changes he made, it is clear that he still had a say in the matter.

Endeavor, the parent company of WWE, is aware of Vince McMahon’s significance to the brand and his creative fingerprints, which were evident in the week following WrestleMania. During that week, the hashtag #FireVince trended on social media, indicating a lack of faith in his abilities. However, Endeavor does not want to ruin their billion-dollar deal, and McMahon’s position as the head of WWE remains secure as long as Endeavor keeps him in that role.

The backstage atmosphere during the RAW after WrestleMania was reportedly tense, with McMahon changing the show in the middle of the broadcast. The sudden switch-up caused chaos, and some top WWE Superstars were allegedly considering submitting their release requests.

While it was exclusively reported by Ringside News that McMahon had no say in the 2023 Draft, it is still his company, and he can step in whenever he wants and make changes. The creative team is not aware of his involvement, but if he has any say in the matter, it is being kept a secret from them.

Despite the power struggle between McMahon and the creative team, Triple H, WWE’s Chief Content Officer, has the full support of the higher-ups. However, McMahon is still not entirely out of the creative picture, and his input remains valuable to the company.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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