Vince McMahon New Wrestling Job Revealed

Vince McMahon will now serve as a secret consultant for WWE talent, Don Tony reports on Twitter. McMahon still is WWE’s majority owner, despite his exit from day to day operations of the company.



“Sausage: Vince McMahon will still be accessible as a consultant, offering ideas and opinions when asked. His DMs are open for WWE superstars who want his .02. Let’s also remember that just because he retired as CEO, he is still the majority shareholder in WWE. #ThankYouVince.”

One WWE talent told, “it shouldn’t have taken a scandal for a shakeup, and it made a lot of people wonder who is next to go, especially in Vince’s inner circle.” Many wrestlers expect Kevin Dunn to depart.

Another talent told that expect Vince to return to WWE, “I’m not banking on anything being permanent. Triple H was phased out, Stephanie was phased out, Bruce left the company for a decade, Johnny has been in and out, and none of them has the power Vince does. I’m not convinced that he can actually stay away, especially if he feels the heat has died down.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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