Vince McMahon Ordered ‘Assault’ Of WWE Stars

Vincent Kennedy McMahon. Oh, what can be said about that name that hasn’t been said already? You can call him a genius, you can call him rich, and you can also call him a madman. For many years, Vince McMahon has been known to have his wrestlers shoot fight on up and coming wrestlers just to see if they can take it. Now, that’s a bit harsh for an event that is meant to not hurt anyone in the ring, but I digress. Our entertainment is to see people make it out alive. Vince’s personal entertainment is something a bit different….Ronda Rousey Spotted With Fired WWE Star.



Vince Russo recently spoke up about just how far Vince McMahon takes things. Vince Russo stated that Vince McMahon takes things so far in-fact that he will fire someone for going against his calls no matter how dangerous they may be.

Vince Russo recently spoke to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr. Chris Featherstone about the Charlotte Flair vs. Nia Jax match on RAW. Since they were already talking about shoot fights, Vince Russo brought up the WWE firing The Harris Brothers for not wanting to do the job.

Vince Russo: “Chris, do you know why The Harris Brothers were fired from the WWE and why they lost their job?” Russo asked. “They were told to F-up Legion of Doom. The marching orders were to go in the ring and hurt them, and Ronny and Donny Harris were like, ‘No, they’re our friends, we’re not going to do that. No.’ And they were fired.”

This wasn’t the only time that this had happened as JBL was once told by Vince McMahon to break in The Dudley Boyz when they were new to the WWE scene. Vince told JBL to injure them in legit fashion. When the Dudley’s gave back what JBL was giving them, JBL was quoted as saying to Vince after the match: “These kids are going to be alright.”

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