Vince McMahon Painful Health Rumor Leaks

Vince McMahon had suffered a nasty injury after failing to execute a move properly. During this week’s episode of The Wrestling Outlaws, the former WWE and WCW Head Writer Vince Russo revealed a painful story about Vince McMahon’s first-ever Steel Cage bump.



Vince Russo opens up on the incident

It has been revealed that Vince McMahon had bounced off the steel cage and crashed into a table during his match against Stone Cold Steve Austin at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1999. He then had a rough landing that left nasty bruises on his backside.

Vince Russo recalled how McMahon argued with WWE’s prop master Richie Posner after the match as he felt the setup wasn’t appropriate. Posner, who was in charge of gimmicking weapons and other items, claimed McMahon had messed up the spot and sustained a bad injury.

Here’s what Russo revealed about the hilarious post-match conversation between McMahon and Posner:

“The great Richie Posner, I’d have a whole chapter of him in my book, but Brian, it was Vince’s first bump he ever took off the cage. Do you remember this? I think it was a St. Valentine’s Day Massacre or something like that, whatever, but Vince actually took a bump off the cage and landed on his a** and landed wrong. He took the bump wrong,” revealed Russo. “So, Brian (Road Dogg), after the match, everybody leaves, we’re out by the cage, and he calls Richie over. And he’s, like, ‘Richie, we talked about this, and you were supposed to have this set up.’ And Richie sits there and says, ‘No, Vince, it was set up perfectly; you missed it, Vince. You missed it, Vince!'”

Russo further stated that McMahon was visibly annoyed by Posner’s explanation and noted that the former WWE Chairman was in tremendous pain. The former WWE writer later even saw pictures of McMahon’s gruesome injury:

“Bro, Vince was getting so red in the face, and I’m giving Richie the iggy, like, bro, would you stop? He’d say, ‘Na, bro, Vince, it was perfect.’ And Vince was getting so red in the face,” added Russo. “Do you know Brian, from that bump, Vince’s entire a** was black & blue? Linda made him go to the doctor because he wouldn’t. But he showed us pictures, and the entire thing was a…argh!”

You can check out the video clip of the conversation below:

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