Vince McMahon ‘Panics Roster’ With More Firings

WWE just can not stop with their cuts. While WWE have previously chalked up their cuts to Covid; it’s almost impossible for them to hide the true nature anymore as more and more events are coming back to full capacity as mandates and guidelines are being lifted…Vince McMahon ‘Rejects’ WCW Champion Return.



The popular site Fightful Select gave the scoop on their Patreon stating that WWE will be planning more cuts in the future, possibly as soon as this week. How many cuts and to whom is not yet fully clear, but many stars and workers alike are shaking as everyone’s head is in line on the chopping block.

WWE have released over forty members of the team thus far. This includes talent, stage hands, backstage workers, and crew as well as they have been clearing out space for new talent and also reassigning roles to others who Vince and company view as more fitting for such positions.

It should be noted that Fightful also stated that WWE feel bad about some of the cuts that they have made and regret their decisions on some people. It wasn’t clarified who WWE feel bad about releasing, but we can only imagine some names that we think they could be talking about…

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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