Vince McMahon Paycheck ‘Angers’ WWE Stars

Vince McMahon’s stock payday to his employees last week didn’t go over well with talent. With many former WWE talent throwing shade at their previous employer, it seems as if WWE have found another way to make people angry. Vince McMahon ‘disliking’ a WWE NXT tag team was also recently revealed.



Recently, Vince Russo sat down with Billi Bhatti on ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ and spoke about tons of WWE employees being screwed over by their company.

Bhatti begins: “WWE employees got shafted today. They were given stock awards today for $3,000 most of them. Not every employee got that award, but most of them did.”

Bhatti continues about the situation at hand: “They got this because employees learned today that salary raises and promotions are being put on hold for twelve months.”

Russo: “Mhmm.”

Bhatti: “So they got $3,000 of stock instead which I can tell you they’re not happy about.” 

Russo: “Wow, so salaries, increases, bonuses, uhh, have been put on hold for a year, so they gave them $3,000 worth of stock instead?”

Bhatti: “Yup.”

Russo closes: “Okay.”

Judging by the hold on any incentives it seems that WWE may be in hotter water than expected. Of course, this could just be from Covid as all businesses have taken large hits over the past year.

We’ll see if WWE fixes this financial issue for their employees.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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