Vince McMahon Reacts To Failed Drew McIntyre Push

Drew McIntyre was recently interviewed for the SeventySix Capital Leadership Series podcast, during which he was asked about his relationship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon along with how Vince helped him during his initial run in WWE which, under his own admission didn’t ‘go as planned’. He told the host of the show the following. Credit to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions. Drew McIntyre recently reacted to WWE posting ‘unclothed’ photo.



“It’s been great. Vince [McMahon] himself, he’s almost like a father figure to me and when my initial run didn’t go to plan, as much as he was trying to help me, as much as the company were trying to help me, I didn’t live up to my potential and quite frankly, I feel like I let him down a lot and this whole journey coming back to the company, I wanted to do it for me, I wanted to do it for my fans, my family but in the back of my mind, I still wanted to make the boss proud for his belief in me all those years ago and show him, ‘Hey, you’ve pretty much got a crystal ball sir.’ Be it telling the world the company’s gonna go public way before it did, the [WWE] Network before it happened, now we’re moving to Peacock, Drew McIntyre’s gonna be a future world champion 10 years before it happens.”

In addition, McIntyre discussed how McMahon supported McIntyre throughout his journey as a WWE superstar and how McIntyre always wanted to show McMahon that he could live up to the potential that he saw in him as a current WWE superstar. McIntyre continued during the interview saying the following. This former wrestling executive discussed why Drew McIntyre & Roman Reigns can’t become face of WWE

“He saw something in me and I wanted to show him, ‘Hey, I’ve finally become that champion’ that you saw in me all those years ago and he supported me the whole way, he gives absolutely incredible advice and honestly without the journey that I’ve been on and the amount of ups and downs I’ve had to overcome, when I eventually became champion and we literally hit unknown times with the pandemic era with losing our audience, without that journey I’d been on hardening me up, allowing me to face every situation, it prepared me to be probably the only guy that could have led the company during those times because it’s nothing I’ve been through that scares me anymore including being in the unique times we’re in right now.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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