Vince McMahon ‘Ready To Fire’ WWE Tag Team

Steve Cutler told Fightful in a new interview that Vince McMahon wanted he and his partner Wesley Blake fired, and was ready to do the firing himself. Vince McMahon ‘removed’ Omos from Raw for a sad reason.



“I’m on my way home and then here I am getting texts from Blake. Get a phone call, ‘Hey, do you have heat? Like for something you have done?’ I’m like, ‘I dunno. Why?’ He goes, ‘Ah, somebody’s kind of pissed and a few people said in a meeting that Vince wanted to fire you at that moment,’ and I had a few friends that were in that meeting as well. I was like, ‘Huh. Okay. That’s good. So, of course, I send a message to Mark Carrano saying, ‘Hey, I don’t know what’s going on or what’s being thrown around, if there’s anything you need to talk to me about, please call me, text me, let me know what’s up.’ No answer. That’s how I found out, pretty much, I had COVID that day, quarantine for the next week. Kept in contact with writers. Still no answer back from higher of writer team and creative team. Yeah. What a time. So, it’s just one of those moments of loss.”

Vince McMahon To Sign Top AEW Star? WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sometimes gets harsh on the writers regarding the quality of the shows. On instance, a conversation had got him a writer to quit. It was none another than Vince Russo who had been associated with WWE for a long time.

Vince Russo reveals how a conversation with Vince McMahon made him quit

During an interview with James from That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Russo reflected on his departure in 1999 and revealed the reason behind the move.

Russo was asked about his departure from WWE and he said that money wasn’t really the issue.

He revealed that McMahon did not inform him that WWE was getting a new show, WWE SmackDown and the stress regarding the new show was very much.

He said:

“It was not a money thing. First of all, number one, we were upset because Vince [McMahon] told us after the decision had been made. He never asked, “You guys, do you think you can write…?” Never had that discussion with us. So it’s dropped on us and it’s already a done deal, so that p*ssed us off. What we were more p*ssed off about, more than anything, I said it to you earlier in the interview, we took such great pride in how great RAW was and literally putting our blood sweat and tears into that show. We can’t do that with another show. It would have been mentally, physically, emotionally impossible.”

Vince Russo revealed that work pressure was real and was not getting enough time to spend time with his family. Here is the details of the conversation that made him quit:

“Vince was doubling down with this new show and I had a conversation with him and I was really stressing out. I wasn’t seeing my kids, I wasn’t seeing my family and I just wanted to move my wife closer to her family. That’s all I wanted to do. So I had the conversation with Vince and that’s when Vince [McMahon] said to me, ‘I don’t know what your problem is. You make enough money. Why don’t you hire a nanny to take care of your kids?'”

Within one week time, Vince Russo penned down a deal with WCW. He  is a former head writer for WWE and WCW and also held a creative role in TNA.

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