Vince McMahon Rejected By WWE Stars In Dressing Room?

Vince McMahon once again made headlines this week by returning to WWE RAW, albeit not on camera. Despite being present in the backstage “Gorilla position,” there was an air of discomfort around him that was hard to ignore.



The cause of this unease may have been attributed to McMahon’s reportedly shocking new appearance, among other strange occurrences. While he was said to be in a good mood and present to see his friend John Cena, some talent felt hesitant to approach him.

According to Sean Sapp’s report on Fightful’s paywall, the discomfort may have stemmed from a sense of uncertainty among the talent regarding their relationship with McMahon. It’s possible that this was an attempt for McMahon to gauge the temperature and ease his way back into the backstage environment.

There were a few talent that said they intentionally avoided associating with him, despite them believing they’ll likely have to deal with him in the future. Speaking of the future, one WWE higher up felt personally as if this was also a case of McMahon testing the waters of showing his face at WWE events and how the talent and staff would react. Now that he’s been back, many expect him to be seen at other upcoming events.


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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