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Vince McMahon reportedly changed plans for RAW at last minute

It has not been a good month for WWE. There have been many complaints about poor booking, subpar matches, bad promos and more on Monday Night RAW. To make matters worse, this week’s RAW had the lowest viewership in the history of the show. In the end, it is Vince McMahon’s show, so he has the last say in anything.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said plans for Raw this week were changed at the last minute. This time it was due to Vince Mcmahon showing up late and deciding to change the show as they were in Texas and President George H.W. Bush had just died.

Dave mentioned that due to the President’s passing, Vince wanted to make the fans go home happy. For this reason, he rewrote all of Raw to make it so that all the faces had an advantage. So, Finn Balor was able to fight back against the heels and Ronda Rousey was victorious in her tag match at the end of the show.

It is still uncertain whether Dolph Ziggler beating Drew McIntyre was also one of the plans that changed. But it certainly falls in line of “more happiness” to an extent.

  • gar216

    You retarded, bro?

  • jamesjones

    rewrote the show to make fans happy about a man no one cares about

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    Raw always seems to get changed last minute, so that’s certainly nothing new. Whether or not that is the cause of a boring show, that’s debatable.

  • Whistling Joe

    No, I just don’t care for people saying things that are patently not accurate.

  • You mad, bro?

  • Whistling Joe

    STFU. You clearly don’t know your wrestling history. ECW failed for a number of reasons, not a one of them was lack of creativity.

  • Yeah because Heyman has never run a company into the ground before.

  • 100th ARW

    I’m sure that the writers do come up with a lot of good stuff but if Vince doesn’t approve it then it never makes it onto the show. I would imagine that the writers are as frustrated as a lot of the fans are as Vince micro-manages everything. There have been lots of former wwe writers that have left the company and after have said that Vince will only approve storylines and angles that cater to his own tastes etc. So in affect he is only approving ideas and storylines that he thinks the fans want to see.

  • Whistling Joe

    A happy ending crappy Raw is still a crappy Raw. Fire all the writers and have Heyman and Dutch book the show. The time Vince allowed them to do that we got that awesome Raw where Mark Henry fake retired.

  • CC

    Finn Balor was able to fight back against the heels, right up until one of the heels beat him down backstage.