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Vince McMahon reportedly does not see any value in Luke Harper

Luke Harper has found himself in a strange situation with WWE where the company is not using him on TV but they are not releasing the former Champion either.

Dave Meltzer talked about Harper’s status in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio and said that the Boss Vince McMahon does not want to use him.

According to Meltzer, McMahon does not see any value in the former IC Champion and we shouldn’t expect to see him on WWE television again.

Luke Harper requested his WWE release back in May but he went public with his request and it was a move which WWE Officials did not like.

The company not only declined his request for a release after this but added 6 more months to his contract for the time he missed due to injury. His current contract will now expire in April 2020.

  • Alex

    Don’t watch his products then, mark.

  • Luke

    For me, the biggest problem with the Bludgeon Brothers was those stupid hammers! Obviously didn’t weigh anything compared to their size. Just make them creepy, call them Rowan and Harper and let them run with it. No need to over complicate it.

  • Luke

    No. An employer can, at their discretion, absolutely add time to a contract if you’ve missed a significant portion of it due to illness or other absence.

  • Samuel

    Lol this didn’t age well.

  • lobsterball

    And then he appears in Clash… lol

  • Brian

    So they’re paying him an additional six months, and not using him? Where do I sign up?

  • Soulshroude

    Isn’t that kind of entrapment, illegal and breach of contract on the employers side?

  • CC

    The biggest problem with the Bludgeon Brothers is that WWE was high on them right up til they won the tag belts then had no idea what to do with them and they pretty much vanished from TV and took the titles with them. I just don’t see WWE ever reviving that gimmick.

  • CC

    There is a difference in not seeing any value in him in your own brand and allowing him to potentially go elsewhere where he will be valued.
    Vince is very blinkered sometimes, but he is also not silly enough to risk someone he does not value going elsewhere. He remembers how WCW did not value Steve Austin and look how that turned out in WWE.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Yet another reason vince needs to be taken out back and put down. Just drop dead already, old man.

  • Steven Davis

    You’re underestimating Vince’s pettiness.

  • D_Ohm

    He must see something in him otherwise they would release him. If there’s nothing of value then Vince wouldn’t care if an AEW picked him up.

  • Sparti Love

    Soo.. What’s the update?

  • CC

    Nothing new here. We have seen this story before. Vince sees no value in him. Vince was annoyed because he cannot do a southern accent. etc etc etc